Download an HTML creative for an email


In the management of HTML templates, you also have the possibility of directly downloading an HTML creation produced by your graphic agency or your internal studio.

To do this, your HTML creative must be in the following format before uploading to CRM360 :

  • A compressed file is required, in *.ZIP file format,
  • The name of the HTML file (name + ".html" extension) must not exceed 50 characters,
  • At the root of the *.ZIP file, there must be an *.HTML file which contains the HTML code of your creation,
  • At the root of the *.ZIP file must be an "images" directory which must contain all the media used in your HTML code (image, PDF file). There should be no subdirectories in this "images" directory,
  • Image size is limited to 2MB (per image),
  • In the *.HTML file at the root of the *.ZIP file, the reference to the images located in the "images" directory must be made by a relative link: "images/myimage.png" (HTML example: <img src =" images/myimage.png" ... />).




Concerning the special hypertext links whose web pages are generated by CRM360, the following tags must be used directly in the HTML code :

  • For the mirror link (or web link), generally located at the top of the message and allowing the email to be viewed directly in a web browser, you must use the tag: {[UX27]#MIRROR#} (HTML example: < a href ="{[UX27]#MIRROR#}" ... > my link </a>)


  • For the unsubscribe link, allowing the user to unsubscribe, you must use the tag: {[UX27]#UNSUBSCRIBE#} (HTML example: < a href="{[UX27]#UNSUBSCRIBE#}" ... > my link </a>)

Attached to this article, you will find a *.ZIP file for example.

Once your HTML creation is in the correct format, simply download the *.ZIP file as you also do for downloading images (Cf. Downloading images).

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