Create a new Email marketing action (Newsletter)


To create a new email marketing action - newsletter, you should:

  • Click on the + button (located at the top right), then select "Add an action" and finalize with "Oneshot".



A window opens in which you will have to specify the options for this marketing action:




  1. The name of the marketing action
  2. The zone (Cf. Zone)
  3. The channel => choose email for a newsletter
  4. The type => choose "OneShot" for a newsletter
  5. The tracking code
  6. The type of discount voucher
  7. The address mark
  8. The language of the message

Validate by clicking on validation_action_market.PNG  (bottom right of the screen).
Then, please select the desired target as follows:




The second step will consist in importing the template previously made and filling in the fields below:

  1. Sender,
  2. To respond to,
  3. The object,
  4. Areas to customize if necessary.


It is recommended to carry out tests before sending your marketing action. To do this, click on mceclip0.png once your marketing action has been planned.




A pop in appears, so you can select the "test" addresses:


You can also search and add addresses by clicking mceclip1.png





Enter the person's personal data.
Then, “Save”. Then return to the previous interface, refresh the page and the new contact will appear in the list of tests.


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