Calculate a target


You have the possibility to calculate your target in order to evaluate the potential of the data, by selecting the button mceclip0.png.



Fill in the "Brand" & "Type of address" fields and confirm.




Here is the calculation of your established target and detailed as follows.

Here are the potentials of your target:




CRM360 definitions:

1- Email: number of optin email and valid contacts.

2- Extraction: number of valid contacts for extraction on CRM360.

3- SMS: number of optin sms and valid contacts.

4- Non-commercial email: number of contacts with a valid email, regardless of the optin.

5- Email reactivation: number of contacts without an optin, having not been contacted for 12 months.

6- Non-commercial SMS: number of contacts having a valid sms, regardless of the optin.

7- http request: number of people to whom it is possible to send http requests (push notifications, etc.).


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