View and organize my library of Templates


When you click on "Templates" in the left menu, you will access your template library. It's like your file explorer on your compunter.




You have the possibility to store your different media and html files in personalized folders located under the "My Templates" folder.


In order to add a category / folder:

  1. Select the category/folder where you want to add your new folder
  2. Click on "New category": Capture.PNG
  3. A pop-in opens

You can thus define:

  • The name of the category/folder you are going to create

(Only the following characters are allowed: [a-z][A-Z][0-9] and space)

  • Choose the zone on which the category / folder will be visible (Cf.Zone)


Then, save by clicking on validation_action_market.PNG.

The new category is now present. You can now add templates, images, pdfs, etc.




To delete a category, select the category you would like to delete, then click on poubelle.PNG.

Please note that deleting a category results in the deletion of its content.

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