Add & Remove target


On CRM360, a target is a group of contacts defined by a set of marketing criteria.

There are two types of population : inclusion (+), exclusion (-).


If you have a - population and two + populations, the part that will be targeted will be the part shown in orange above.

In order to select a value, click on the corresponding criterion (cf. Type of criterion of a target).

To add a criterion in a population, you must select the desired population by clicking on the circle in front of the + or - sign, the circle will be orange.



Example :

You want to add the criterion optin email = true in the inclusion population (+).

To do this, you must click on the inclusion population circle and then add the criterion. Below, we note that the criterion optin email = true has been added in the inclusion population (+).


By combining the criteria available in CRM360, it is therefore possible to achieve targets of the type:

  • Contacts who have made more than X€ in purchases over the last 7 day
  • Contact who purchased at least 4 items in 2017

Then, to add a population, click on + to include, on – to exclude a population.
To delete a population, click on the circle in front of the + or - criterion, then please click on the trash button poubelle.PNG.
To delete criteria, click on the criterion to be deleted and then on the trash button  poubelle.PNG.

Once your target is complete, you can save by clicking .


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