Monthly turnover by store


This report presents the main purchasing indicators by store over the selected analysis month.

For each Store, you have:

  1. - The country code
  2. - The city
  3. - The name of the store
  4. - The selected metric
  5. - The percentage that the metric represents on all stores.

Below the first table, the stores are placed geographically on the map according to the associated address. By selecting an area on the map, you will get the information for the selected area


Catchment area

By hovering over the data, in the table or on the map of the "Monthly turnover by store" report, it is possible to access the "Catchment area" report. The latter classifies the cities (from customer addresses) according to the purchase metric in the selected store.


You have the possibility of filtering the data according to the brand, of metrics (Number of buyers, Number of purchases, Amount including tax, Amount excluding tax, Amount delivered).

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