Export a file


Go to the following link www.fts-crm360.com (login)

Then in order to proceed with the creation of a file export click on


In the same way as for imports, it is possible to schedule data exports.

1.Click on the left of your screen and then click on the top right of your screen.

2. Click on

3. Fill in the fields:

Type: File Export Data
Name: Give a name to your export
File type: Select the type of file you want to export (ex: Contact for a contact file from your database)
Export: ALL = Export all SINCE LAST EXPORT = Since the last export
Frequency: ONE SHOT = Once; DAILY = Once a day; WEEKLY = Once a week; MONTHLY = Once a month
Execute on: Date of export execution
At: Time of execution of export

4. Validate by clicking on the bottom right of your screen

You will find your exported file in the EXPORT folder in the FTP space

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