Consult a customer card


After entering a search criteria, a list will be displayed, please select the contact you are looking for to consult the customer card.



We find on the left side:

1. Personal data

2. Addresses and optin information (postal, telephone & email)

3. Purchasing and loyalty indicators

4. The stores of attachments and centers of interest

5. Technical information (ID, zone, technical dates)




As well as the "Timeline" on the right side, which lists the various customer events (campaigns, purchases, loyalty actions, other events, etc.).


It is possible to filter the events by category.

Double click to select a single category, or add or remove categories for a view personalized.



For example, double-click on the “Email” filter, then validate to preview the information.



The expected information will be displayed in the Timeline.




To view the details of an event, for example the details of a purchase, just click on the arrow to expand the information.






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