Translation file


To make translations in CRM 360 ° you must first export, edit and then import.



File export

In order to export a translation, connect to the BackOffice (see: Connection to the BackOffice).

Then export (see: export a file). In order to export a translation file select in File Type: "Translation"

Your export will therefore be found in your FTP.



Editing the exported file:

Open the file that you have exported that you find in your FTP.

In your file you have 6 columns (Table name / Primary key fields / Primary key value / Label fields / Label value / Language identifier)


The "Table name" column lets you know the location of the value you are going to modify. This corresponds to the different tables or to the locations of the associated fields.

ex: => Primary Key Field = FrontCrm360Id / Primary Key Value = CampaignV2.Action.Duplicate.Button.Share / Label Value = Duplicate.

This means that on the CRM 360 ° page, in a marketing action in the campaign module, the share button () will be displayed "Duplicate" when the mouse passes. You can change this name and call it with the name of your choice


The modifications you wish to make are then made in the "Label Value" column of your file.

NB: You cannot add lines to this file, you can only modify the translation. If you want to add a line you must go to Ref Data (cf: Settings / Ref data) to save and start a new export.




Import of the modified file:

Drag / Drop your file to your FTP

Connect to the BackOffice (see: Connection to the BackOffice)

Make the mapping corresponding to your import. (cf: Create a mapping)

NB: The mapping is simple, indeed the name of the columns corresponds to the name of the fields in your file.

Then import your file that you previously put in your FTP (import) (see: import a file)

NB: "File Name Mask" corresponds to the exact name in FTP with the extension (.txt / .csv ...)



Your changes will be effective 1 hour after your import.

NB: In order to make further modifications, you cannot resume the file on which you have already worked. It is necessary without all the cases to redo the manipulation (export, edition, then after modification import)

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