Modify an automatic marketing action


You can modify:

The message, target and planning date of an automatic marketing action


In order to modify an automatic marketing action, you must:

Go to the "campaign" part then click on 

Go to A. marketing then select the marketing action you want to modify.
Click on to stop the action.

PLEASE NOTE: before clicking on the cross, make sure to retain the usual planning time, in order to program the planning after modifications have been made.





Target modification:

In order to modify the target of your marketing action, you must add a target or modify it before in "target" campaign (cf: Create a new target)

Then on the (Target) part at the bottom left of your screen click on then select the target you want. Finally validate by clicking on


Message modification (in the current template):

On the right part of the (Message) screen, click on  to edit the message, then click on the pen again at the top right of the screen. You can make the modifications of your choice on the message.

After modifications, click on the floppy disk at the top right of the screen, then click on valid at the bottom right of the screen

You can send tests by clicking on the test tube at the top right of the screen (select the people to whom you want to send the tests and validate)
Once the reception of your test email and if it suits you you can then proceed to the re-planning of your action.


---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Modification of the planning:

Click on the calendar and then select the time to send your marketing action.


Your marketing action will then be sent with the modifications you have just made.

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