What is a commercial action?


Thanks to CRM360 and its commercial actions, you will be able to set up loyalty mechanisms in total autonomy such as:

  1. Loyalty card with point counter : 1 euro = 1 point / 100 euros = gift voucher…
  2. Promotional offer: 100 euros of purchase = 10 euros offered...
  3. Targeted promotional offer : 100 euros of purchase = 10 euros offered only on my birthday if I have already made more than 1000 euros of purchases...

All this, whatever the sales channel: physical store, e-commerce site…

This is done in the "commercial action" tab. Commercial action is triggered by a peripheral product.


Examples :

2 products purchased = 1 free product


Purchase of 5 euros = Free plastic bag


Purchase over 100 euros = 10% offered on all items

These advantages can therefore be offered to a targeted population or to an unidentified population (in which case it will concern everyone).

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