KPI by category


The "KPI by category" report allows you to analyze your turnover by item category:

  1. Turnover excluding tax
  2. Non-cardholder turnover excluding VAT
  3. Turnover excl. VAT cardholders
  4. % of turnover excluding tax cardholders



The number of purchases by item category (number of tickets, number of tickets by non-cardholders, number of tickets by cardholders and percentage of tickets for loyalty cardholders).


The average basket and the average basket in quantity by category of products (average basket excluding turnover or quantity, average basket excluding turnover or quantity for holders and non-holders of loyalty cards).


The discounts made by product category (discount, non-cardholder discount, cardholder discount and loyalty cardholder discount percentage).y cardholder discount percentage).

It is possible to have the detail of each category by clicking on "Detail of the category".

It is possible to have the detail by store by clicking on "detail by store".

This is displayed when you click on the category of your choice.



By selecting "Detail by store", you will have the detail for the selected product category:

  1. - CA HT
  2. - The number of purchases
  3. - The average basket
  4. - The average basket quantity
  5. - The discount made


By selecting "Detail of the category", you will have the detail of the selected product category (CA HT, CA HT non-carrier, CA HT card holder and percentage of CA HT card holder loyalty card).





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