Marketing actions / Purchases per action per month


The "Marketing actions / Purchases per action per month" report is a "scorer" type marketing attribution report. That is to say that it analyzes the purchases made by the recipients of a marketing action:

For emails: the email must have been received, and opened or clicked
For SMS: the SMS must have been received (we consider that if there is reception, there is necessarily opening)
For extractions: we consider that if a letter has been sent, it has been received
The attribution of an act of purchase to a marketing action is carried out on the last marketing action received and opened (if email), received (if SMS), sent (if extraction). A purchase act is attributed to only one marketing action.

This report allows you, per marketing action sent during the selected month, to know:

  • Turnover
  • The number of purchases
  • The number of buyers
    over the X days following the sending of the campaign (X being the "Days of analysis" parameter).


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