Special links: Unsubscriptions and web version


Concerning the special hypertext links whose web pages are generated by CRM360, the following tags must be used directly in the HTML code:

  • For the mirror link (or web link), generally located at the top of the message and allowing the email to be viewed directly in a web browser, you must use the tag: {[UX27]#MIRROR#}
    (HTML example: < a href="{[UX27]#MIRROR#}" ... > my link </a>)


  • For the unsubscribe link allowing the user to unsubscribe, you must use the tag: {[UX27]#UNSUBSCRIBE#}
    (HTML example: < a href="{[UX27]#UNSUBSCRIBE#}" ... > my link </a>)



The unsubscribe link may be accessible in different languages, including:

1- French f59efdba4d35f58bb95339edcc5b0f10.png

2-English drapeau-anglais-175.jpg

3-German drapeau-allemagne.jpg

4-Dutch drapeauNL.jpg

5-The Italian drapeauit.png

6- Spanish drapeauES.png

7-Portuguese drapeau-portugal.jpg

To do this, as soon as your marketing action is created (Oneshot or Automatic), you will need to choose the "language of the message", and thus the unsubscribe link will be configured in the language initially selected.


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