Where and how to connect to CRM360?

Where to connect to CRM 360:

To connect to CRM360, you must go to the following URL:



This link allows you to access the four modules: "Aministration" / "Customer" / "Campaign" / "Analytics"

Access to its tools is secure and requires a login / password.

How to connect to CRM360:

Click onmceclip1.png

You then arrive on:


To connect, please enter your Username / Password then click on the button



After identification, you have access to the four modules:

Administration (See the administration module)


Customer (See the Customer module)


Campaign (See the campaign module)
Analytics (See the analytics module)

In each module, you must insert the following parameters:

The interface language (possible choice between French and English)
The platform you want to connect to. This is only valid for users with access to multiple CRM360 client platforms
The data area you want to connect to
The time zone you are on.

Once validated, these parameters remain saved on your browser using cookie technology. So you don't have to make these choices every time you connect.

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