Request help from the support service


If the information contained in this help center does not answer your question, you have the option of making a request to our support service, by email or by using the form.



To do this, please send an email directly to the following address:

In order to have all the elements requiring an optimal understanding of your request, please provide precise and detailed information, as follows:

In the subject => The nature of your request as well as the customer concerned (for example request for login / password).

In the body of the message => Details of your request.
You can also attach documents to your email to complete your request.


You also have the option of contacting us using the form, by clicking on the tab at the top right "Send a request".





We advise you to fill in all the fields very precisely, which will allow us to target your request as well as possible:

1- Email => Indicate your email in order to receive the answers,
2- Subject => Precise description of your request,
3- Description => Your detailed request,
4- Type => Define the nature of the request (Incident, usage problem, question, service request),
5- Platform concerned => The name of the customer and / or platform (if the customer has more than one CRM360 platform) concerned,
6- Zone concerned => The CRM360 data zone,
7- Attachment => Add a file if necessary.

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