Understanding billing


Here is an explanation to better understand the invoices of CRM 360 °:

Billing is monthly and is based on consumption of services:

  • The service access package (or accommodation) which is calculated according to:
    1.the number of customer / prospect profiles hosted in BDD
    2.the number of users declared on the solution

This package gives you access to:

1.the tool for integrating contact data (with processing of the quality of your data and deduplication) and behavioral history data from your customers / prospects (purchases, events, social gaming, etc.) by file flow .
2.the development API allowing real-time access to your data to create / modify / just read it.
3.API for sending transactional SMS.
4.the multi-channel campaign management tool with campaign scripting.
5.the customer file which gives a 360  view of the customer
6.the loyalty / commercial action / coupon reduction engine
7.the reporting tools grouping together a set of business dashboard going as far as the profitability analysis of your campaigns.

The Customer uses the CRM360  Online Solution Services on the first day of the month following the month of consumption.

Purchases of services which are calculated according to:
1.the number of emails routed (based on a batch of 1000).
2.the number of SMS routed.
3.the number of postal addresses corrected according to postal standards (on the basis of a batch of 1000).
4.the number of postal addresses used to duplicate your customers / prospects (based on a batch of 1000).

The package prices depend on the minimum invoicing incurred on your part.

We offer 4 billing levels (with minimum monthly commitment):

  • Level 2 (minimum commitment of € 500 per month)
  • Level 3 (minimum commitment of 1000 € per month)
  • Level 4 (minimum commitment of 3000 € per month)
  • Level 5 (minimum commitment of 5000 € per month)

The minimum of the package concerns only the package (and not the purchase of services). The prices for each level are described in our CGVUs accessible on our support here: https://support.fts-services.com/hc/fr/articles/230080167-Derni%C3%A8re-version-des-CGVUs

You can change your level of commitment from one month to the next by a simple request to support, as indicated in our CGVUs.

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