Duplicate a target from "marketing action" to "private targets"


It is possible to duplicate a target of a marketing action created by another user in your private targets and modify them afterwards.


First, please select the desired marketing action.




You will arrive on the detailed content of the marketing action, please click on the duplicate mceclip0.png button, in order to create the same target.

In order to finalize the duplication step, please fill in the name of the target and proceed to registration as follows:



The target duplicate is successfully registered and can be accessed in the target page, as detailed below:




You can now:

- Delete mceclip1.png

- Edit mceclip2.png

- Duplicate mceclip6.png

- Share mceclip7.png

- Calculate target mceclip8.png

At the end of these different actions, save, your target will be found in your private targets.

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