Beneficiaries of a commercial action


In order to know the list of people who have benefited from a discount thanks to a commercial action, you must go to the campaign module (cf. Campaign page)

Then on the Commercial action tab (Cf. Commercial action)

By selecting the commercial action which is in progress, or which has ended, you can see in the "Target" part the pictogram

Please note: you will not be able to access this list if the commercial action has not yet started.


You can click on, a pop in opens:


So you have:

- the person's id

- The name and surname of the person

- The date of purchase

- The shopping store

- The amount of purchase and the discount that has been made.


You can download in csv. this list by clicking on

You can also consult the file of one of the customers appearing in the list by clicking on the id of this one.

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