Delete / anonymize contacts


You can delete or anonymize a contact list in order to respect the constraints of the GDPR.

This allows you to clean up your database and delete, for example, all contacts who have had no connection with you for 3 years. (example in this case: everyone, minus the optin emails never targeted minus the optout emails targeted for three years months those who have not had an event for three years minus the people who have not clicked on a newsletter since three years)


To do this, you just have to create a target according to the criteria of your choice.

Go to the "campaign" then "target" module (see Create a target)

Select your criteria then validate this target.


Go to the Administration module

1.Click on the left of your screen and then click on the top right of your screen.

2. Click on

3. Fill in the fields:

Type: Schedule Contact Deletion Process (to delete) or Schedule Loyalty process (to anonymize)
Name: Give a name to your export
Zone: Select the zone
Headcount: Select the target you made before

- Choose the frequency of your action
- Frequency: ONE SHOT = Once; DAILY = Once a day; WEEKLY = Once a week; MONTHLY = Once a month
- Execute on: Date of execution of the deletion or anonymization
- At: Time of execution of the deletion or anonymization



- Deleting your target will result in a total deletion of your contacts

- The anonymization will lead to an anonymization of the contacts (you will therefore no longer have access to his personal data, however you will always have an anonymous person X who will appear in your analysis tables)


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