Marketing action: Extraction


You can extract a file via the campaign module (Marketing action).


Indeed you can create an extraction by going to the campaign module, then to the marketing action tab.

Click on  to create a new marketing action.

Choose the channel: EXTRACT


Select the target you want to extract and validate.

Finally plan your action.

You will receive the file in the mailbox linked to your user account with CRM 360 ° in an excel Zipped format.

In order to facilitate the management of Undelivered Mail:

at the end of the excel file you receive there are two columns "crm action contact internal guid" or "crm action contact internal id"

You can enter this code on the mail you send in order to receive it again in case of PND.

You can then beep or fill in an excel file this code in order to re-import it into crm 360 °.


To import these PNDs you must go to the administration module => Processings => Mapping and "+"

When creating your mapping, you must fill in the following fields, then, as for a standard import, specify the field separator, the encoding, the header of your file.

You will then import your file by planning this mapping.


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