Export the raw data of a report


On each report, it is possible to export the raw data. For that you need :

- Select the desired analytics table

- Click on "download" (bottom right of the report)





You have the option to select the selected file format (image, data, crosstab or PDF).



To get all the data:

- Click on "data"

- Click on "complete data



Click on "Download all lines as a text file"

A file in .CSV format is automatically downloaded to your browser.

Regarding exported reports with a space in the figures, in order not to remove the space by hand and save time, you shloud:

  • Copy this particular space: select it in a box and press Ctrl+C
  • Select the relevant column(s)
  • Open replacement window: Ctrl+H
  • Paste the non-breaking space in the "Search" field
  • Do not put anything in the "Replace with" field
  • Click on "Replace all"


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