Customization area


It is possible to add personalization zones in the body of an email or in the subject of a marketing action:


Contact id: contact number

Gender: gender of contact

Civility: civility

Title: Contact title

Firstname: firstname

Middlename: Second firstname

Lastname: lastname

Lastename2: Middle lastname

Birthdate: date of the birth

Birthday: day of the birth

Birthmonth: month of the birth

Birthyear: Year of the birth

Maritalstatus: Marital status

Jobtitle: Employment

Companyname: Company name

Contacttype: contact type

Nationality: nationality

Language: language

Freetext1: Free text fields 1

Freetext2: Free text fields 2

Freetext3: Free text fields 3

Freetext4: Free text fields 4

Freetext5: Free text fields 5

Freedate1: Fields free date 1

Freedate2: Fields free date 2

Freedate3: Fields free date 3

Freedate4: Fields free date 4

Freedate5: Fields free date 5

Freenumber1: Free fields number 1

Freenumber2: Free fields number 2

Freenumber3: Free fields number 3

Freenumber4: Free fields number 4

Freenumber5: Free fields number 5

Zone: zone

Adresstype: address type

Brand: Brand

Email: email

Registration: Age of event in the "account registration" category

Loyaltypoint: Loyalty point

Loyaltyamount: Amount of loyalty points

Loyaltyexpirationdate: point expiration date

Vouchercode: Voucher code

Voucherendvaliditydate: Expiry date of the voucher

Voucheramount: Voucher amount

CRM360contactid: contact number in CRM360

CRM360email: email of the contact used for the campaign

CRM360actionid: Marketing action identifier

CRM360actionbatchid: Identifier of the execution batch of the marketing action

CRM360actioncontactguid: Participation identifier (unique link between contact and marketing action)

CRM360trackingcode: code entered during the first step of creating a marketing action

CRM360actiondate: Date of execution of the marketing action

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