Target listing emails and identifiers


In order to simplify sending to an email list of contacts already present in the database, we have added and updated the email criterion to be able to take into account a complete list.

In the case of a notice of a logistical delay, or other (s), this will make it possible to no longer go through a file integration.

The Email criterion (in personal data / email address) now works as follows:




Simply complete with one email per line, either manually or by copying the email list.



It is possible to enter several hundred (beyond that, the target will take longer to calculate). And all users benefit from it.


To complete the process, this functionality is now also possible with customer identifiers:



In the "Personal Data / External Identifiers" criteria file, you must apply the source criterion (for example: Magento) to specify which identifier it is, then choose the "External Identifiers" criterion and fill in the list of identifiers.



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