How to create push notifications - Http request


The goal is to allow you to send an http request directly to a remote API, for example, to push a notification on a mobile.

In order to create an "Http Request" action, in other words a push notification, you will need to create the marketing action, either in "Oneshot" (1), or in "Automatic" (2), depending on your strategy defined upstream.


As soon as the marketing action is created, the channel will have to be entered, in this way by selecting "HTTP-Request".


Then, you would be redirected to the selection of your target:




Afterwards, here you are in the management of the marketing action:




1- The method can be in GET-POST-PUT:

GET methods are used to retrieve data from the API.

As for the POST and PUT methods, they can be sent for addition (POST) or modification (PUT).

2- The URL: The targeted address.

3- The ID and its value: Passing necessary parameters, for example "API" key.

4- The body: Fills in your HTML code

5- Custom fields: represents a list of options, allowing you to customize your push notification, for example through the use of "PSEUDO".


As soon as all the fields are filled in, don't forget to validate the registration of your "Http request" marketing action, and thus finalize the planning, as below:



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