SMS sending


CRM360 offers you the possibility to send sms. Here is the procedure to follow in order to carry out your marketing actions via sms.

You must create a marketing action by selecting the + button, then choose "Add an action", either in "One Shot" or "Automatic", depending on your predefined marketing strategy.



In addition, you must enter the name of the marketing action and especially the channel which will be "SMS".


As soon as the registration of the marketing action is validated, you are advised to assign the target that will be concerned by the SMS sending.


From then on, the body of the message to be filled in as well as the alias will be displayed, these fields are necessary.



In addition, you have personalized fields available to interact with your target.

Unicode allows to put foreign characters in sms (Chinese, Russian, Japanese...).
On the other hand, each character is coded on 2 Bytes. A Unicode SMS is therefore limited to 80 characters.




Dès la finalisation et validation de la création du message, il faut paramétrer le routage en sélectionnant le pictogramme "Planifier" :



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