Pop-in management


To access the pop-in page, go to the left side menu, to the "Settings" category and then to the "Pop-in management" section as below:




You then arrive on the pop-in management page composed of 5 blocks :




- Block 1 is the list of all the pop-ins you have on your profile.

It is possible to filter this list according to the different zones, by clicking on mceclip4.png




but also by name by clicking on the logo mceclip5.png


- Block 2 allows you to have an overview of the general information of the pop-in, including its name, its area, its category, the type of the address and the brand of the address.


- Block 3 allows you to obtain the javascript code for the installation of your pop-in, as well as an external link to it.


- Block 4 gives you a visual preview of your pop-in once it has fields.


- Block 5 gives you a visual preview of your validation page once it has fields.


Each block is customizable by clicking on the button mceclip2.png.

You can access any block by clicking on the different bullets :


You can delete the selected pop-in by clicking on the button mceclip3.png at the top right of the page.





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