Step 1 - Creation of the pop-in


There are two ways to create a pop-in:




Once on the pop-in management page, you just have to click on the mceclip1.png button on the top right of your screen 'Add a pop-in'.


The second way is to go to the shortcut menu at the top of your screen:




by clicking on the button mceclip3.png then in the drop-down menu by clicking on mceclip4.png.


You then arrive on the first step of creation of your pop-in: The creation.

A form appears in front of you with 7 fields.



- The first field corresponds to the name of your pop-in, it allows you to find it in your list and therefore more easily identifiable.

- The second field allows you to select the area in which the pop-in will be available.

- The third and fourth fields correspond to the brand and type of address you want to use.

- The fifth field represents the category in which the pop-in is located (this could be customer account creation, newsletter registration...).

- The sixth field represents the time in seconds before to display the pop-in.

- The last field is a checkbox. By checking it you make sure that the pop-in will be displayed only once for a visitor. Otherwise it will be displayed all the time when the page is refreshed.


The SAVE button changes from gray to red once all the fields are filled in.

Once the confirmation is done, your pop-in will be created and will lead you to the management page.

You can however quit the creation by clicking on the black cross in the upper right corner or the CANCEL button at the bottom left and you will be back to the pop-in management screen.

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